B-CCaS was the academic partner for the New York Times (NYT) Climate Hub in Glasgow during COP26 from 3 November to 11 November 2021.

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Over the nine days of programming created to coincide with COP26, B-CCaS curated a diverse selection of innovators across the globe to participate in three sessions at the NYT Climate Hub. B-CCaS Impact Coordinator Lauren Chin facilitated one session, with Kite Insights Founder and CEO Sophie Lambin and NYT Business and Economics Reporter Eshe Nelson facilitating the other two. Lauren was further involved in two of the daily 'A Conversation With Science' one-on-one sessions, interviewing key climate scientists like, Professor Katharine Hayhoe.

Innovator sessions

In an effort to bring climate innovators into the mainstream climate conversation with businesses, investors, and policymakers – B-CCaS collaborated with the NYT as the academic partner in the vetting process. After an intensive vetting process, NYT ultimately brought 16 innovators focused on existing systems improvement, grassroot systems change, and moonshot inventions to speak at the panels.

Below you can watch the recorded panel sessions:

'A Conversation With Science' sessions

In the one-on-one sessions held each day of programming, climate scientists and B-CCaS Impact Coordinator Lauren Chin broke down the latest research and thinking in climate science.

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